Muruya   wants to wear high hills & fancy clothes but her awkwardness  won´t let her. She really trys to get her hair done…. But is not possible, the curly hair is out of control.

Muruya dreams about dancing tango with a man, she looks trough the audience looking for a dancing partner….

Instead she dances with Mingo, her  giant puppet.

The slack rope appears to bring the balance

that curly lady clown is missing.

Without many words this curly lady clown communicates a lot using circus skills as slack rope, hat manipulation, clownery & hulla hulla.

Tour 2019

Galery 2018-2015

Technical Requirements

Technical Requirements

This show can be performed in concert halls and open space. It is suitable for all audiences.

Creation and interpretation:

Josefina Pérez Gardey


30 min en calle

50 min (in room)

We need a stage area of 6x5 mts. with a minimum height of three meters.

For the assembly of the structure of tightrope it must have two anchor points.

These may be columns, benches, trees, etc., as well as bits placed in cement, or stakes into the ground.


It has 30 watts, which works to rechargeable battery and has a wireless microphone.


If the show is performed in a room or at night we will require a minimum of 6 or 8 spots of 500 watts depending on the intensity of ambient light.


-Participed in Festival CircoFest -Puerto Rico

-Performed in Small Theater Dolce in Incheon- South Korea

-Shows and slackrope’s  workshops in Sesc Araraquara y Sesc Riberâo -Brazil

-European Tour: “Walder Theatertage Festival” &  “Kulturufer Festival”   - Germany.

“Mercantia Festival” & “Verolani Festival”- Italy.  “Out There Festival”- England

“ LK Pflasterspektakel Festival”, “Straßenkunstfestival in Villach”, “ Flaniermeile Velden” &“Kulturschiene” – Austria . “43º GEZÔARSE FEESTEN- Belgica. “Piglet Tango Variete” –Germany.



-Performed in Festival Internacional in La Prida, Eymic festival in Salta and Pico Rie Festival, La Pampa - Argentina

-European tour: Festival Hors Lis  & Internacional FOF in Offida &  Apritiborgo! ABC Festiva (Italy) /  Kulturschiene in Salzburg & Flaniermeile Velden (Austria) / Szárnyas Sárkány Fesztivál - Winged Dragon Festival- (Hungary) / Biograd street Festival- (Croacia) / Berlin Lacht Festival & Travemünde Festival (Germany) / Gauklerfest Interlaken & KleinKunst-Spektakel in Weesen -Swissland / 24° Internationaal Festival Brouwsels op Straat - (Belgium).


- Shows in Shwe Daung Circus- Yangon,Myanmar.

- In July she shows up with “Hazmereir en Vacaciones”, at the theatre Radio City -Mar del Plata, Argentina.

- IX Festival Internacional de Teatro de Calle al Aire Puro- Bogotá,Colombia

- Festival de Teatro Callejero- Mesitas, Colombia


-European tour: Ördögkatlan Festival &  Zsolnay Festival of Light  in Pécs –Hungary

 Zelt Musik Festival in Freiburg &  Bajazzo Festival –Germany

Pflasterspektakel Festival in Linz & Flaniermeile Velden – Velden am Wörthersee (Austria).

-In September she travels to Myanmar to be part of Shwe Daung Circus, along with twenty international artists for eight months.


- “Circo, Bonecos e Arte de Rua Festival” (Brazil)

- European tour: :  Winged Dragon Festival and Sigetz Festival (Hungary)

 Gauklerfestival in Koblenz  and Kulturufen Festival (Germany)

 Feldkirch Street Festival and  Flaniermeile Velden (Austria)

 Busker Bus Festival (Poland).


- Festival of Circus in Ceará (Brazil)

-European tour:  Flaniermeile Velden (Austria)

 Veregra Street Festival (Italy)

 “Berlín Lacht” Festival; Bajazzo Festival; Festival STAMP (Germany)


- SESCs  of Saint Paul: “Sâo José dos Campos”, “Sâo Caetano do Sul”,” Araçatuba”; “Pinheiros”; “Sorocaba”, “Sâo José do Rio Preto”, “Araraquara” (Brazil)

-Festival “Circo en Escena” (Córdoba-ARG)

-“Circuito Sesc das Artes” (Brazil)

- Tour with the Provincial Auditorium Theatre with “bandoneon” musician, José Alcobruni-Argentina

- They together made a show in “Festival de Circo Hazmereir” (Argentina).


-SESCs of Saint Paul: Bertioga, Campinas, Presidente Prudente (Brazil)

-Necochea Festival, Payasadas in Tandil and  Olavarria Festival (Argentina)

- Performed in “National Convention Circus, Clowns and Street Shows”


-European tour: Festival de Rue Avignon (France); Aranda de Duero Festival y Festival de Teatro de Calle y Artes Escénicas de Avila (Spain); San Nicandro Festival (Italy)

- Performed in Rambo Circus (India)


- She created the show  “Curlers, Tango and Tightrope”

-European tour: “Fira de Tarrega” and “Festival in Tui” (Spain)



• Community Teather workshop in the municipal teather school in Tandil for the next years.

• Kind of Tango, classical and contemporary dance.

• Pantomime seminar by Javier Lester-

• Classes, seminars , self-taught circus training at the urban arts school in Rosario.

• Intensive seminar tightrope taught by Eleonora Gimènez.

• Intensive course of “Reciclajem” in tightrope in the “Escola Nacional do Circo” in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

• Clown seminar and comic techniques with Cristina Moreira, Tallarin Qpacho, company “los Bla, Bla”, Pablo Macozzi, Osqui Guzman, Leticia Gonzalez de Lellis and the clown “Chacovachi”.

• Actoral training along with Guillermo Angelelli.

• Tightrope training  in the “Escuela de Circo Criollo” in Buenos Aires.

• Seminar along with Perric who is a member of the Phillippe Genty`s Company



• Member with more than 10 years which performs solidarity and artistic activities.

• She acts in the play "Hazmereir en vacaciones", winner of the "Estrella de Mar" by children's show (2013-2014).

• They participate in the "Trazos" series for Digital TV documentary “Hazmereir” (2011) directed by Julio Lascano.

• They involved in a project of the Ministry of Labor in the nation for fifteen days in Mar del Plata and Miramar.

• She Performs along with her colleagues, several shows and charity campaigns through neighborhoods, prisons, nursing homes,    canteens, indigenous communities, (“San Pedro Polhó” Zapatistas, México)etc.

• In 2011 and 2012, they acted on the “Complejo Chapadmalal” in a project of Educational Tourism of the nation for more than 700  children.



• In the "Jamboree" from the "Boy Scouts" international event for over 15,000 people (Mar del Plata, 2012)

•  In Brasilia, organized by the “Cia. Instrument da ver” (2012)

•  In Rio de Janeiro for students from the “Escola Nacional de Circo” (2013)

•  In Ceará Circus Festival (2014)

•  In the University Barrial of Tandil (2014)

Josefina Pérez Gardey is Muruya. She was born in 1990, in Tandil, province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.


- “Out There Festival” 2019

  Puerto Rico

- Festival CircoFest

  South Korea

- Small Theater Dolce


- Gauklerfest in Interlaken  2018

- KleinKunst-Spektakel in Weesen 2018



- 24° Internationaal Festival Brouwsels op Straat 2018


-Festival Internacional de Teatro Callejero- 2017 Mesitas, Colombia

-IX Festival de Teatro Callejero al Aire Puro Bogota- Colombia


- Walder Theatertage Festival” 2019

-”Berlinlacht” / Berlin 2014

- STAMP Festival / Hamburg 2014

- Künstler Promenade / Dhame 2014

- Künstler & Meer/  Scharbeutz 2014

- 24-Internationales Gaukler – und Kleinkunstfestival / Koblenz 2015

- Kulturufen Festival- 2015-2019

- Zelt Music Festival / Freiburg 2016

- Bajazzo/ Grossembrode 2016

- Travemünde Festival 2018


- Winged Dragon Festival / Nyrbator 2015

- Sigetz Festival/  Budapest  2015

- Zsolnay Festival of Light/ Pécs 2016

- Ördökatlan Festival / 2016


- V Festival de Teatro de Calle y Artes Circenses de Ávila 2011

- IV Encuentro-Concurso Internacional de Artistas Callejeros y Mimos-

Estatuas Humanas  /Aranda de Duero 2011

- Festival de Arte de calle /  Tui  2010

- XXX Fira Tárrega/ 2010


- Avignon festival OFF/  2011


- 32ª “Mercantia Festival”  2019

 - “Verolani Festival” 2019

- III Festival Internazionale Artisti di Strada / San Nicandro Garganico  2011

- Festival Hors Lis  & Internacional FOF in Offida 2018

- Apritiborgo! ABC Festival 2018


“Straßenkunstfestival in Villach” 2019

- Flaniermeile Velden/ 2014- 2015-2016-2019

- Gaukler Festival/ Feldkirch 2015

- Pflasterspektakel / Linz  2016-2019

- Kulturschiene in Salzburg 2018-2019


- BuskerBus / 2015


- Festival de Circo, Bonecos y Arte de Rua/ Ceará 2015

- Festival de Circo de Ceará/ 2014

- Circuito Sesc das Artes- gira por San Pablo / 2013

- SESCs  de San Pablo: Sâo José dos Campos, Sâo Caetano do Sul, Araçatuba; Pinheiros; Sorocaba, Sâo José do Rio Preto, Araraquara / 2013

- Presentaciones en  SESCs de San Pablo: Bertioga, Campinas, Presidente Prudente  / 2012


- Festival de Circo en Escena /  Córdoba 2013

- Festival Internacional de Circo Hazmereir/ Mar del Plata 2013

- Festivales de arte de calle en Necochea/ 2012

- Festival Payasadas/ Tandil 2012

- Festival de arte de Circo/ Olavarria 2012

- Se presenta en Convención Nacional de Circo, Payasos y Espectáculos Callejeros/ 2012

  Costa Rica

- Rain Forest Festival/ 2009



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